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Site Policies that Protect our Youth

  • Troop & Pack 444 has direct control over the content of this web site
  • The content of the site will be appropriate to the Scouting movement.
  • The site does not contain links to any sites that contain material that is not appropriate to the Scouting movement.
  • This site does not release any information about the members of Troop & Pack 444 without permissions.
  • We don't provide full names, phone numbers, e-mail or residence addresses of youth members, or place a youth's name with his photograph.
  • We do not provide times and locations at which youths will be present without adequate adult supervision.
  • We will not include interactive forums (any technology that allows someone to post material that others may view), including bulletin boards and chat rooms.

Copyright Policies

  • This is an unofficial BSA site and is the construction of Troop & Pack 444, Old Hickory Council, Walnut Cove, NC
  • Opinions expressed on these web pages are those of the web authors.
  • Neither Troop 444 nor Pack 444 is authorized to represent or serve as an agent of the Boy Scouts of America when disseminating information over the Internet.
  • This site will abide by all laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property, and by those pertaining to the Internet. If anyone believes that any of the content of this site is in violation, contact the webmaster.
  • The site does not replicate any BSA publication currently for sale through the Supply Division.
  • All BSA logos, symbols, and other items are trademarks of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • The contents of this site are copyrighted by Troop 444 & Pack 444.
  • Materials found at the Troop & Pack 444 web site may be reproduced and used locally by Scouting volunteers for training purposes consistent with the programs of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) or other Scouting and Guiding Organizations.
  • No material found here may be used or reproduced for electronic redistribution or for commercial or other non-Scouting purposes.

Other Policies

  • The Troop & Pack 444 web presence supports traditional channels of distributing information, it does not replace them, and should be treated as a secondary (rather than preferred or exclusive) channel of communication with members and volunteers.
  • The site does not engage in the electronic sale of BSA Supply Division merchandise or competing products.
  • Opinions expressed on these web pages are those of the web authors.

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