Old Hickory Council - Hanging Rock District

Troop 444: Farm Mechanics Merit Badge


Farm Mechanics




  1. Do the following:
        A. Discuss with your counselor the safety equipment, tools, and clothing used while checking or
              repairing farm equipment. Use this equipment, tools, and/or clothing (when needed or called for) in
              meeting the requirements for this merit badge.
        B. Draw a plan showing a well-equipped farm shop. Point out the shop's mandatory safety devices and
        C. Find all the universal warning and safety symbols on a piece of equipment and explain what they
        D. Describe what a material safety data sheet (MSDS) is and tell why it is used. Obtain the MSDS for
              any engine coolant, oil, grease, fuel, hydraulic or transmission fluid, or other flammable or
              hazardous materials you use in meeting the requirements for this merit badge.
  2. Explain how power is produced or transferred in a:
        A. Diesel engine
        B. Hydraulic system
        C. Transmission or any other power system.
  3. Do TWO of the following:
        A. Replace the handle on any tool found on the farm.
        B. Organize a tool rack or a storage system for nails, bolts, nuts, and washers.
        C. Using a hand file, properly dress the mushroom head of a chisel or punch.
        D. Using a hand file, properly dress a screwdriver tip.
  4. Do ONE of the following:
        A. On an engine-powered machine: Grease all fittings, change the oil and oil filter, clean the air filter,
              clean the radiator fins, and replace the fuel filters.
        B. For any engine-powered machine, create a preoperational checklist; include checking the engine
              coolant, engine oil, hydraulic and/or transmission fluid, and battery voltage (using a voltmeter).
              Using your checklist, conduct a preoperational check of that machinery or equipment.
        C. Prepare any farm machine for winter storage.
  5. Visit an implement dealer. Interview the dealer, technician, or service manager for hints on good preventive maintenance. Ask why it is important, the costs, and what causes wear or damage? Report what you learn.
  6. Explain each step in ONE of the following maintenance procedures:
        A. Tightening hydraulic fittings
        B. Checking the air filter
        C. Cleaning a work piece with a wire-brush wheel.
  7. Find out about three career opportunities in farm mechanics. Pick one and find out about the education, training, and experience required for this profession. Discuss this with your counselor, and explain why this profession might interest you.

Farm Mechanics Worksheets for use in working on these requirements

Boy Scout Oath

On my honor, I will do my best

To do my duty to God and my Country and to obey the Scout Law;

To help other people at all times;

To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

Boy Scout Law

A Scout Is...

A Scout tells the truth.
He keeps his promises.
Honesty is part of his code of conduct.
People can depend on him.
A Scout is true to his family, Scout leaders, friends, school, and nation.LOYAL
A Scout is concerned about other people. He does things willingly for others without pay or reward.HELPFUL
A Scout is a friend to all.
He is a brother to other Scouts.
He seeks to understand others.
He respects those with ideas and customs other than his own.
A Scout is polite to everyone regardless of age or position.
He knows good manners make it easier for people to get along together.
A Scout understands there is strength in being gentle.
He treats others as he wants to be treated.
He does not hurt or kill harmless things without reason.
A Scout follows the rules of his family, school, and troop.
He obeys the laws of his community and country.
If he thinks these rules and laws are unfair, he tries to have them changed in an orderly manner rather than disobey them.
A Scout looks for the bright side of things.
He cheerfully does tasks that come his way. He tries to make others happy.
A Scout works to pay his way and to help others.
He saves for unforeseen needs.
He protects and conserves natural resources.
He carefully uses time and property.
A Scout can face danger even if he is afraid.
He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at or threaten him.
A Scout keeps his body and mind fit and clean.
He goes around with those who believe in living by these same ideals.
He helps keep his home and community clean.
A Scout is reverent toward God.
He is faithful in his religious duties.
He respects the beliefs of others.